If you would like to see autocopy in your own language why not... er... do it yourself.

English Autocopy Localization Files

Just translate the eliments in those directories (autocopy.dtd,

autocopy.dtd, are just text files that you can open up in eny text editor. Note that if your language has any um, special chaicters, to save the file as a UTF-8 file. I'm using "UniRed" to do this now. You can save me some time by doing this, but don't let it get in the way of doing the tranlation in the first place.

Send the tranlated files to and I'll include them in autocopy.

I want to thank the people who have translated autocopy thus far.

French Translation (fr-FR)
Olivier Compagne (nomade0 at laposte dot net)

German Translation (de-DE)
Shockwav3 (shockwav3 at gmx dot de)
Gigamax (gigamax at gmail dot com)

Hungarian Translation (hu-HU)
Kˇszˇ Jˇzsef (joe at ritek dot hu)

Italian Translation (it-IT)
Matteo Puddu (mailmirror at yahoo dot it)

Polish Translation (pl-PL)
Darek M│ynarczyk (adminnet at gazeta dot pl)

Bulgarian Translation (bg_BG)
Momchil Valkov (momchil.valkov at gmail dot com)

Spanish and Galician Translation (es-ES) (gl-ES)
Joxe Garaialde (garantziz at gmail dot com)

Spanish (es-AR)
ZuGro (no email)

Portuguese (pt-BR, pt-PT)
Vkthor (vkthor at hotmail dot com)
Arthur Nascimento (tureba at gmail dot com)

Traditional Chinese (zh-TW)
Iomibin (iomibin at gmail dot com)
dirty (b7506003 at csie dot ntu dot edu dot tw)

Swedish (sv-SE)
Christian Hammarstr÷m" (crille at crille dot se)

Josef Kotva (cs-CZ)

SlovakSoft (sk-SK)

Lars B. Termansen (da-DK)>

Flactal (ko-KR)

Leszek »yczkowski (pl-PL)

Draganco Velkov (mk-MK)

The autocopy project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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