Newest Build
The newest build of AutoCopy is version 1.0 Install

Check out the forums for beta builds.

Older Builds
version 0.9.8 Install
version 0.9.7 Install

version 0.6.5 Install

version 0.6.4 Install

version 0.6.3 Install

version 0.6.2 Install

version 0.6.1 Install

version 0.6.0 Install

version 0.5.4 Install

version 0.5.3 Install

version 0.5.2 Install

version 0.5.1 Install

version 0.5.0 Install

version 0.4.4 Install

AutoCopy Lite ver 0.4.4 install

version 0.4.3 Install

AutoCopy Lite ver 0.4.2 install

version 0.4.2 Install

version 0.4.1 Install

AutoCopy Lite ver 0.4.0 install

version 0.4 Install

version 0.3 Install

version 0.2 Install

version 0.1 Install

Autocopy Lite
I'm going to stop working on autocopy lite since I've now have the regulare version of autocopy working with Mozilla and Thunderbird and the hidden statusbar button bug is fixed. So there is no need for autocopy lite anymore. As will all the old versions of autocopy I'll keep it here.

New Mouse Gesture
Get the autocopy mouse gesture. Now you can disable/enable autocopy with a simple mouse gesture. Works with version 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, the 0.4 searies, and the 0.5 searies. Unfortunatly this does not work for autocopy lite. ToggleAutoCopy (9)

Here is my first mouse gesture. It dosn't requre AutoCopy. Select All Copy(3)

The autocopy project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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