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  • AutoCopy ver 1.0 available for install
Other Stuff

Select text on any web page and it will be automatically copied to the clipboard. It works in much the same way as does Trillian or mIrc.

Paste on middle click into textboxes, the url bar, and the search bar.

Localized for bg-BG, de-DE, cs-CZ, da-DK, en-US, el-GR, es-ES, es-AR, fr-FR, gl-ES, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP ko-KR, mk-MK, pl-PL, pt-BR, pt-PT, sk-SK, sv-SE, and zh-TW

Autocopy 1.0 Changed maxversion for Firefox to 3.6a1pre. Bug fix.

Older stuff

Autocopy 0.9.8 Changed maxversion for Firefox to 3.6a1pre. Fixed a section that was throwing an exception. Thanks Casey Manion.

Autocopy 0.9.7 Changed maxversion for Firefox to 3.1a2pre and Thunderbird to 3.0a2pre. Miner bugfix with windows version.

Autocopy 0.6.5 Works with Firefox 3.0+.

Autocopy 0.6.4 Works with Firefox 2.0+. Fixed errant paste on middle clicks. Fixed paste to searchbar. Fixed "Search for..."

Autocopy 0.6.3 Works with Firefox 2.0+. It now works in both the browser window and the page source window. I fixed a minor issue that was conflicting with another extention (FoxGame). Added ja-JP localization.

Autocopy 0.6.2 Now works in gmail and other sites that use in browser WYSIWYG editors!!! Right click on the Autocopy statusbar button (the green checkmark) to quickly access the options. Left click on the Autocopy statusbar button to quickly enable and disable Autocopy. Even quicker, hold down the control key. While the control key is down Autocopy is disabled. Paste on middle click is working better then ever. Autocopy knows when you are middle clicking on an editable widget inside the browser. Try it in a textbox or on the location bar. New feature: Automaticaly disables the autoscroll feature when middle click pasteing. Try it today. But you say you still need to autoscroll inside a textbox. No problem, just hold down the control key when middle clicking and autocopy will not interfear.

Select some text. Right click on it and see the autocopy content area context menu item filled with usefull features. (old users of autocopy will want to turn this on. In the options page look for "Content Area Context Menu Item"). You can undo a copy; there is a clipboard history of up to 10 items; paste to the search or location box with a click of the button; search for and open in new tab for when you select a text only url. Plus a handy append url to clipboard feature that will make sure your quotes can always have a reference.

Do you like the content area context menu item? Then try the Autocopy Context Menu. It's just like the content area menu except it convienently shows up every time Autocopy engages. Select some text and up popups the Autocopy Context Menu. Inorder to make this menu sleeker and more sexy I've rigged a timer to hide the menu automaticaly. While your mouse curser hovers over the menu it stays. When the mouse leaves the menu will disaper after a short user adjustible delay (set the delay to 0 to disable auto hide. Units are in milliseconds). Ok, maybe you like it maybe you don't. It is off by default. Turn on "Autocopy Context Menu" to give it a try.

Are you finding that Autocopy gets in your way when you're trying to copy over text in a textbox? Then try turning off "Enable in Textboxes". Or if you like, since this feature is off by default, turn it on and see if it suites you.

Want to be sure that what you selected was copied? The statusbar button will blink whenever autocopy copies something to the clipboard. You can also have autocopy deselect text after copying. Turn both blink and deselect on at the same time ane the text that you had copied to the clipboard will flash before being deselected.

Need to strip formating out from the web page you're copying? Autocopy now optionaly works with the Copy Plain Text extension avaliable here

People have said that it's something else that as simple as the concept of autocopy is that this extension can have so many options. Well I say YAY for options. If you're reading this you're obviously the kind of person that thrives on customization and personal tastes. I give you a deacent set of defaults that works out of the box and leave the rest up to you.

Autocopy 0.6.1 compatible with firefox Hold down CTRL to temporarily disable autocopy.

Cool New Features in Autocopy 0.6.0 I've added a special context menu (optional) that contains usefull features related to the clipboard including: Undo copy, Copy history, Paste to the location bar, and Open in new tab. The Menu is designed to open just after you make a selection. To make it less obtrusive it will hide itself if the mouse curser is taken off of it for 2 seconds (by default). The Autocopy Context Menu is turned off by default but it can be turned on by in the regular options page or by using the quick options accessible by right clicking on the autocopy statusbar button. Try it out today.

Autocopy 0.5.4 does not work with Firefox 1.5 Please upgrade to 0.6.0.

Autocopy 0.5.3 does not work with Firefox 1.0.3 Please upgrade to 0.5.4. Of you you perfer you can go into the forums and download the Beta of 0.6.0

Deselect After Copy and Autocopy 0.5.0 and 0.5.1 If you notice that when you select text and it's automaticaly deselected and if this creates a problem for you then turn off "Deselect After Copy" in the autocopy options. I know, this feature should not be on by default. I don't know what I was thinking when I made it that way. So in autocopy 0.5.2 this feature is turned off by default. However if previously had 0.5.0 or 0.5.1 installed you will need to manualy change the options. You can change the options like any other extension (in the extension manager, or in mozilla using the preferences), but I also have a nifty right click on statusbar button menu that will bring you right to the options. Now is your chance to try it out.

Autocopy 0.5.0 and above now works in Thunderbird, Mozilla, and Firefox I was playing around with another extension and found that it wasn't very dificult to get regular autocopy to work in mozilla and thunderbird. So I made the leap and did it. Now there is just one install for all your Firefox, Thunderbird, or Mozilla needs.

Autocopy 0.5.2 and above now optionaly works with the Copy Plain Text extension avaliable here

Forcastfox 0.7 users autocopy 0.5.3 and above fixes a problem that occurs when you have both forcastfox and autocopy install with both extension's statusbar button enabled.

Autocopy Lite
I'm going to stop working on autocopy lite since I've now have the regulare version of autocopy working with Mozilla and Thunderbird and the hidden statusbar button bug is fixed. So there is no need for autocopy lite anymore. As will all the old versions of autocopy I'll keep in the installation section.

NOTE on firefox crashes
If you hide the autocopy statusbar button you can expect firefox to crash when javascript tries to open a window with the statusbar hidden. This is now fixed as of version 0.4.3. And yay it looks like the original bug in firefox is fixed now too (atleast in the nightlies)

NOTE on use with Mozilla
If you right click the statusbar button to get to the options the page will initialy not load properly. Just click cancel and try again and it will work properly after that. To uninstall autocopy from mozilla like most extensions for mozilla can be dificult. Try the extension uninstall extension found here or search google for "mozilla extension uninstall".

New Features for autocopy 0.6.2

  • Works with Firefox 1.6a1
  • Disables autoscroll on paste on middle click
  • Fixed problems with a few localizations
  • Fixed problem with WYSIWYG editors like gmail
  • Added content area context menu dupicating the autocopy context menu
  • Added localization support for the context menu item
  • Fixed a bug that was creating an error message in the javascript console

  • New Features for autocopy 0.6.1
  • Works with Firefox
  • Hold down CTRL to temporarily disable
  • cs-CZ, sk-SK, da-DK, ko-KR, pl-PL, mk-MK

  • New Features for autocopy 0.6.0
  • Works with Firefox 1.5
  • Added Autocopy Context Menu (optional)
  • Minor bugs fixed in Mozilla

  • New Features for autocopy 0.5.4
  • Fixed bug preventing autocopy from working with firefox 1.0.3
  • Added quick options menu items avaliable by right clicking on the statusbar button
  • When Deselect After Copy and Status Bar Blink is on the selection will blink before deselecting
  • Minor bugs fixed

  • New Features for autocopy 0.5.3
  • Added sv-SE localizations
  • Added Status Bar Button Blink On Autocopy
  • Fixed a problem what was confusing the forcastfox extension's status bar button

  • New Features for autocopy 0.5.2
  • Added el-GR, gl-ES, es-ES, es-AR, pt-BR, pt-PT, zh-TW localizations
  • Changed default options (turned off deselect after copy, keyboard shortcut, edit menu item
  • Changed statusbar image
  • Now optionaly works with the Copy Plain Text extension (tested with Copy Plain Text 0.2)

  • New Features for autocopy 0.5.1
  • Added Italian localization
  • Added Polish localization
  • Added Bulgarian localization
  • Changed the disbled statusbar button image (english)

  • New Features for autocopy 0.5.0
  • Regulare Auto Copy now works in Firefox, Thunderbird, and Mozilla
  • For thunderbird and mozilla, still need to implement context menu and edit menu items (although I probably won't)

  • New Features for autocopy 0.4.4 and autocopy lite 0.4.4
  • Improved German localization
  • Improved paste on middle click
  • Changed "Deselect on Copy" default option to false for Thunderbird only
  • minor bug fixes

  • New Features for autocopy 0.4.3
  • Fixed javascript popups crashing firefox when the statusbarbutton is hidden

  • New Features for autocopy 0.4.2 and autocopy lite 0.4.2
  • Added localization for hu-HU
  • description now localized woo hoo. I don't know of any other extensions that have that yet eh?
  • middle click paste improved

  • New Features for autocopy lite 0.4.0
  • All the features of 0.4.1 minus the statusbar button, context menu, and edit menu item
  • Plus it works with Mozilla, Thunderbird, and of cource Firefox

  • New Features for version 0.4.1
  • Added Unselect after autocopy option
  • fixed French translation
  • fixed context menu selectAll and edit menu selectAll. Now works when eather of those is used

  • New Features for version 0.4
  • Added Paste on Middle Click to textboxes urlbar and searchbar
  • Added update code so that firefox will keep autocopy up to date
  • Added localalization code. Added de-DE and fr-FR

  • New Features for version 0.3
  • Added option to disable autocopy for textboxes and textareas
  • Added right click on status bar button to open the options dialog box

  • New features for version 0.2
  • Added a menu item in the Edit menu for enabling and disableing AutoCopy
  • Added a context menu item for enabling and disableing AutoCopy
  • Added a customizable keyboard short that defaults to ctrl+shift+c
  • Added an option menu that alows the user to disable the status bar button, the menu item, the context menu, or change or disable the keyboard shortcut

  • I'm keeping version 0.1 in the install section incase you want a leaner verson of autocopy.

    Is this a usefull plugin? There is some question as to whether this feature is already avaliable to firefox. In about:config set clipboard.autocopy to true. I think this is linux only. It dosn't work for me on my machine. Try it and if it dosn't work, you got a backup :-)

    End notes and discaimer

    I just want to take this opertunity to appologies for my atrotious spelling and grammer. Despit my not knowing any other languages, english is my second language. Well third actualy if you count non-oral languages, but really. I do this as a hobby. I don't even have a paypal account to accept donations like alot of other people do. Not that I won't accept donations from someone greatful enough :-)

    I do this for fun. I make no promises. Autocopy is still a 0.x product. It's not advertized as something you should count on to work every time or something that wont screw up your system. I'm not a security expert. I'm resonably sure there is nothing wrong with autocopy, but again I make no promises. If you know of something wrong with autocopy, tell me and I'll try to fix it.

    If you think you can do a better job with autocopy yourself go right ahead and help yourself to whatever I've done. You don't even need to creadit me. Although if I've creadited someone else you should consider creaditing them for thire work. The source code, old versions, it's all here on this site for you to use or not use at your descretion.

    Autocopy has been programed by Michael Lidman. Michael Lidman is not responsible for any unintentional damages that this product causes. Use at your own risk, rinse and repeet.

    Autocopy is now using a forum located here

    The autocopy project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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